Welcome to Anand NVH Products

  • Anand NVH stands tall as one of the foremost auto components manufacturers in India. It's a design- capable supplier with Engineering & Sales located near customers in USA, Europe & India. This is supported by State-of-the-Art manufacturing facilities located in India and USA. The capability to have all Manufacturing Processes including Tool fabrication under one roof give us a significant time advantage over our competition.


    supplier to Automotive OEM’s globally

  • USD 102

    Million annual

  • 37 million

    High Quality components are being produced Annually


The company has a strong foundation of well-researched processes. Rivalling some of the best-in-class auto components manufacturers globally, Anand NVH delivers product performance of the highest order.


The members of our Product Development team work very closely with our customers from the initial structure design stage.

Quality Management System

Quality doesn't come easy, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our strict Quality Management standards are in play from Part design to Part manufacturing. We are focused on producing high Quality Products consistently.