Manufacturing Facility India

The manufacturing facility in Gurugram, India was founded in 2002 and covers 210, 000 sq feet.

It is vertical integrated with Rubber compounding, metal preparation, molding and quality control all under one roof. Tool design and fabrication is also conducted in-house.

  • Rubber mixing capacity is

    15.5 tons

    per day Equipped with SCADA based recipe Management system

  • High Quality

    17 million

    Parts Produced Annually.

  • Spread Over

    210,000 sq.ft

    of area

power-train mounts

Rubber Compounding

power train mount systems for electric vehicles Powertrain Mounts

Anand NVH offers the perfect mix of Natural and synthetic polymers for all vibration control challenges put to us by our customers, providing the optimal combination of rubber, which is essential in vibration technology; we develop environmentally sound formulas that can withstand the highest thermal loads, optimal temperature resistance and durability.

We work on the Latest SCADA based Recipe management System that handles 150+ recipes of compounds along with Automatic weighing System. SCADA Control gives us capability of energy based mixing of 15.5 tons compound / Day and at the same time managing control on variables like Time, Temperature and Pressure resulting in Consistent Compound Results.

Metal Preparation

  • Power Train Mounts inspect powertrain mounts
  • Powertrain mounting
  • powertrain motor mounts

The Metal Preparation department has two 14 stations 11 tank automatic phosphating lines with advanced ultrasonic environmentally friendly degreasing unit. Capabilities also includes Air Blasitng, Shot Blasting and Sand Blasting. Careful Metal Preparation is critical for uniform Rubber to Metal adhesion.



The Moulding department has state of the art Desma Injection Presses with capacities ranging from 250 Tons to 450 Tons. The facility also deploys Transfer Moulding Presses and Compression Moulding Presses along with Silicon compound Injection Moulding machines with capacity ranging upto 250 Tons. The facility has also installed a Vaqua Blast macine for Mould cleaning.

Tool Room

Anand NVH is a self-sufficient entity and the prime reason that it delivers optimal quality products is its strict control on all subsidiary processes as well.

The Tool Room is equipped with latest vertical Milling Centers and EDMs. For Qualification of Moulds it has advanced setup of Profile Projectors, 3D CMM, metallurgical Microscope and Roughness testers.