Transmission Mounting

As one of the most trustworthy auto components manufacturers in India, Anand NVH Products takes its responsibility of delivering consistent quality very seriously. Its product range includes many varieties of anti-vibration rubber molded and rubber to metal bonded parts for the automotive sector. It manufactures many kinds of mounts, and a notable one is the transmission mount.

A transmission mount, suggestive of its name, has the task of protecting the transmission beneath the hood of the vehicle. This part is found in most cars as well as trucks. Some vehicles in fact have two of these. The mount is actually made up of the transmission bracket and the transmission mount itself. A rubber or urethane bushing is chemically bonded, welded or bolted to the vehicle's transmission bracket. This bushing is effective in reducing the noise as well as vibrations arising while driving on bumpy, uneven roads or while accelerating or braking hard.

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