Test Capablity

Material Characterization

Anand NVH has in-house facilities for rubber compounding, metal preparation, moulding, testing and validation of Products under a single roof. This translates to better control over production and consistent product quality. In 2017, the company has established a greenfield technical centre in Gurugram, India at a cost of 3 Million USD having complete facility for characterization & validation of parts under real load conditions.

The Testing Equipment at Anand NVH are:

  • UTM for testing Compression & Tension Properties -Model Z100 Zwick Roell, Germany
  • Tensile Testing Machine with Extensometer
  • Oscillating Disc Rheo Meter
  • Mooney Visco Meter
  • Torsional and Conical Endurance testing Machine
  • Ultra Low Temp. Cabinet with temperature up to minus -70° C
  • Hot Air Ageing Oven with temperature up to 300° C
  • Salt Spray Chamber
  • Dispersion Analyzer from Alpha Technologies

Mooney Viscometer

Moving Die Rheometer

Dispersion Analyser

Zwick Characterization Machine

1 RHD Durometer

Crush Test Machine