Strut Mounts

Only a few other auto components manufacturers in India can match the consistent quality of products manufactured by Anand NVH. Among its bouquet of anti-vibration rubber molded and rubber to metal bonded parts, an important offering is its range of strut mounts.

Strut mounts are the glue between the vehicle and its suspension strut. They clamp the vehicle from one side and the strut from the other. They effectively reduce the vibrations and noise from the automobile. If this component is at the front of the vehicle, it generally has bearings on either side. These are very useful in helping with smooth steering as well as response time while driving, thus enabling the mount to also act like a steering pivot.

Strut mounts have a rubber middle, thereby giving rise to insulating properties.When a particularly bumpy ride causes jarring movements and/or noise, the strut mount acts as a very efficient absorber.

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